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 Select  Part Number Description # of Units Unit Price
  PW5130N1750-EBM2U OBSOLETE replaced with 5SXEBM48R2U    
  PW5130N3000-EBM3U PW5130 2500/3000VA EBM R/T 3U 72VDC    
  PW5130N3000-EBM2U OBSOLETE replaced with 5SXEBM72R2U    
  PW5130I1250-XL2U 5130 1250VA / 230V Rack/Tower 2U    
  PW5130I1750-XL2U (Obsolete) PW5130 1750VA 230V RACK/TOWER 2U    
  PW5130I2500-XL2UAU 5130 2500VA / 230V Rack/Tower 2U    
  PW5130I3000-XL2UAU PW5130 3000VA 230V RACK/TOWER 2U AU LEAD    
  PW5130I3000-XL3UAU OBSOLETE: PW5130 3000VA 230V RACK/TOWER 3U AU LEAD